Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Catch me if you can!

It's been a while since I've blogged. I'm in a new apartment, and I'm currently training for a half marathon. I moved into Shandon, which is a wonderful part of Columbia. There are tons of families, and it's such an active area. I'm living in a garage apartment behind the house of a very nice family with two young children. The apartment is a bit smaller than my old one; however, I'm saving moolah and in such a better atmosphere. As for the running, my friend Ashley and I decided in August that we were going to begin training for the Governor's cup. The race takes place on November 7th, so we've been training for about a month and a half now. I haven't been a huge runner in the past, so this has been quite a challenge for me. A very close friend, pretty much my second mom, passed away June 1st of pancreatic cancer, so she's pretty much my inspiration in doing this. Throughout her fight, I wore a purple bracelet to let her know I was fighting with her. I've now put the bracelet back on to let her know that I'm fighting for her. I've run a cross-country 5k, and this past Saturday successfully completed a 10k. I know that my pain while running is a mere drop in the bucket compared to what Janet endured. With approximately a month left to train, I still have a ways to go. Consistently running everyday, I believe that the half-marathon is in my grasp regardless if I have to stop and walk. I know there will be a little voice pushing me the whole way...cheering, encouraging, and strengthening me. Once I cross that finish line, I'll know I'll want to do it again. By gosh, Janet may have just turned me into a runner. I love you Momma, Jr.!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Rocky Start to a WONDERFUL Weekend!

This "girls weekend" had been planned for a few months. Anne, Katie, and me who were all college roomies had all planned on gathering together in HOTanta for some quality girlie time. Anne lives in Greenville (a.k.a. Greenvegas), so the plan was for me to get off of work around noon on Friday, pick her up, then we both head to the ATL together. Usually what I PLAN on happening NEVER happens!

This is how it went down. I think that day I had ants in my pants because I actually got up when my alarm went off...no snooze button pressing that day! I got ready in record time, packed my bag, and even made it to work five minutes early (now that's impressive). I worked until about 11:30 when the ants started biting really bad, so I said my goodbyes and peaced out. I hopped into my car and then began to think, "I have a quarter of a tank of gas left, should I get gas now or wait until the light comes on?" Something told me to stop at my regular station at the exit I live off of, so I did. I tanked up and went to start my engine and all I heard was...click, click, click, click. I mean, this could not be happening to me! Not now! I then proceeded to call my dad, who was in LOUISIANA! The only thing he could tell me was that I needed a new battery. I mean it's not like I can go get a few triple A's and pop 'em in. I knew the Ford dealership was down the road, so I was going to call the office and get the number. As I was digging in my Mary Poppin's bag one of the Ford maintenance truck guys pulls up next to me to get gas. God completely saved me right there. Halliluja! (I know I probably did some sort of happy dance in my car...) I walked over to the guy, told him my problem, and he took me to the dealership. The dealership didn't have my battery, but had one there in thirty minutes. This guy named Chad helped me, he was so very nice. He drove the battery, a machanic, and me to my car which was left at the gas station to put the battery in during his lunch hour. I would like to add that this dude's truck is 50 feet off the ground and jumping into the truck with heels and a short dress was not a walk in the park. Chad does not like football which I found very strange, but is an avid racing fan hence the truck on stilts. I would recommend this Ford dealership to anyone, the service is wonderful...just don't buy one. Toyota's are the best...just make sure you change the battery every five years or so.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! The weekend with my bestest friends was wonderful. Even though I was the unwed "lone ranger," it was great. We toured the Southern Living tour of homes and got to catch up for lost time. The last time we were all together was for Katie's wedding, which was three years ago. We will definately be making this an annual affair; however, maybe three pitchers of margaritas instead of four. I love you girls!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Feeling Blogtastic

Never did I think that I would ever start a blog, but, ya know, since a plethora of my friends are doing it I thought I'd give it whirl. Now don't you guys go getting any wacky ideas on me, like jumping off bridges and stuff! The hard part was coming up with a name. Every time I introduce myself, everyone seems to only remember my last name. Then they proceed to call me "That DuBois Girl" the next time they see me...I found this title very fitting. I guess it's here I'll get to rant and rave about everything that's going on in my little world, which I would say would be a mix between an episode of Friends meets Martha Stewart on America's Funniest Home Video's with a side of The Bachelorette...with a cat thrown in the shuffle. Stay tuned...maybe something interesting will happen, or not!